Our Documentaries

The journey will cover some of the most spectacularly beautiful and isolated places in the world and the cinematography must capture this. On the journey will be one full-time camera person, with two more camera people coming on the journey at different points. The boat will be equipped with a drone, a  DSLR camera, underwater camera equipment and housings.

On shore, there will be equal opportunity for stunning visuals, but also the chance to connect with local communities and conservation organizations who will also be part of the film.

The “Oceans Without Limits” documentary films will be tackled in two ways: firstly, there will be a series of 10 minute documentaries available for streaming during the trip on the Oceans Without Limits website (http://www.oceanswithoutlimits.com) and YouTube. There will be 8 of these episodes, available to watch during the journey, which takes place between July and December 2018.

After the completion of the trip a feature-length documentary will be edited to be completed by July 2019.

The 72-minute documentary will bring the learnings and the beautiful visuals of the trip together.