About Us

We’re not looking to break records or become pioneers. Instead, we explore the road less travelled while we research and attempt to understand the desperate plight of our oceans. We dive deep into the devastating world of marine plastic pollution while producing a revealing documentary film. Utilising the power of film and social media to capture our journey, we aim to create awareness, give back and inspire change.

Discover and live in the moment.

Our Story

We have all been touched by the Ocean in some form or another, with a few of us having been fortunate enough to call the Ocean ‘our office’. We are now in a position to give something back and use our journey across the Indian Ocean to highlight the plight of Plastic Pollution.
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Our Mission

An adventure of a life time on the Indian Ocean pulls three men together to find ways to end the plastic horror engulfing our marine life. By using the latest in video and camera technology they will provide continuous insight into their travels, capturing life at sea, all action on board the motor yacht ACHARNE
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Our Boat

The concept of taking a well-respected ex-racing yacht and converting it to a serious ocean passage making motoryacht is not new. By reducing the yacht’s displacement by removing the sailing rig, modifying the keel, and installing a larger engine you create an extraordinary explorer yacht.
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Our Documentaries

The journey will cover some of the most spectacularly beautiful and isolated places in the world and the cinematography will capture this. After the completion of the trip a feature-length documentary will be edited to be completed by July 2019.
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BILLION plastic bags used every year
93 %
of humans tested positive for BPA (plastic)
years for plastic to degrade

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